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About Artisan Whitby

The Who, What and Why

Artisan Whitby is a free online directory of artisans, artists and craft producers selling their own products in the Whitby area. It is a pop-up community initiative, created during the Covid-19 crisis as a point of access through which to discover the amazing creative talents of Whitby’s artisan community.

Artisan Whitby is not a business; we are not competing with anyone. Artisan Whitby actively supports other community initiatives in Whitby and the surrounding area that are helping people through the lockdown.

Emma and Jon Horne, administrators of Artisan Whitby, have lived in Whitby for 16 years and brought up two children here. Some people are keeping others alive, fed and educated during this crisis; Artisan Whitby is our small contribution to keeping creative businesses afloat.

For more information please email hello@artisanwhitby.co.uk.